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Vocational Training

* Vocational Training ProgramsĄG
1.Vocational Skills Development Day Programs: Computer graphic design, computer application,
leather fabrication, electric embroidery, prevocational training (car wash,cleaning, kitchen assist
- ant, production jobs). Program accommodation and expansion to meet the needs of the labor
2.Vocational Training Night Programs: Offers joint training programs with private companies to
share their resources (including the instructors, equipments, and facilities).

computer application electric embroidery leather fabrication

computer application

electric embroidery

leather fabrication

prevocational training prevocational training Night Programs

prevocational training
car wash

prevocational training
production jobs

Night Programs
Adjust the wine
prevocational training Night Programs  
prevocational training
kitchen assistant
Night Programs
computer application

* Training DurationsĄG
6-11 months for day programs; 3-4 months for night programs. Different job categories may
require different training durations.

* Targeted TraineesĄG
Officially recognized mentally/physically disabled aged 15 and above who are deemed appropriate for
vocational training according to vocational evaluation.


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